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Mary Alice Treworgy

Mary Alice Treworgy has always been an artist. Proof are her two large paintings of buildings done in kindergarten (buildings, even then!). After she graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA, majoring in Advertising and Product Design, she worked as a commercial artist for eight years. Later, when her three children were in school all day, she began auditing advanced painting classes at Bowdoin College, followed by taking similar classes at the University of Southern Maine and the Maine College of Art. Beginning in 1994 she has been represented by various galleries and included in many museum, college and gallery auctions and biennials. In 1999 she was included in a show at Bates College, titled Carried Away, and in 2004 was included in Carl Little’s book, The Art of Monhegan Island. In 2009 she won Best in Show at the Brunswick Downtown Association Arts Festival.

Artist Statement

I want to define the architectural and figural landscape with geometry, subtle values, sometimes idiosyncratic colors and by flattening the picture plane. These images are identifiable, but leave out the prosaic, trite and clichéd. A critic once said my paintings show a strong will: a will to pursue a concept to its fruition and no diversion from my goal. Sometimes a wry sense of humor is present, sometimes privacy, sometimes serenity, but always emotion and deep feeling. As time goes by, I find that, in my paintings, even less is described of the landscapes and buildings and more is shown of the innate structure and essence of the subject.


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